We Are Miami Business Lawyers

We help our domestic and international clients with their business, patent, trademark, immigration legal matters and commercial law.

For over the past 18 years our business attorneys have advised entrepreneurs, foreign investors, foreign and domestic corporations, profit and non-profit corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and small businesses with their business operations in Miami, Florida.

Great inventions and Businesses all start with an idea.

Our business lawyers counsel businesses from their inception to their dissolution. Our Miami business lawyers help business owners establish long lasting relationships with their partners by drafting strong shareholder and operating agreements. The shareholder and operating agreements our business lawyers draft clearly define how companies will operate during their life and how they will dissolve upon their dissolution.

Our attorneys believe that the best way to help you develop a strong company is to clearly define the roles of the founding partners of your company, the mission of your company, the directorship of your company, the tax structure of your company, and the manner in which initial and future partners of your company will be able to dispose of their interest in your company.

Having helped many business owners through the life of their businesses our Miami business lawyers have learned that the most difficult aspect of running a business is the internal relationships between the directors of the business. So, when our attorneys draft your company’s initial shareholder and operating agreements we devote a substantial amount of time discussing how your company will be dissolved and whom will get the assets of your company upon the dissolution.

We offer our clients, whom require at least 10 hours of legal services per month, the ability to retain us as their outside corporate counsel.
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