Patent Attorney

Mr. Alcoba is a registered patent attorney who has over 21 years of experience preparing and prosecuting patent applications.  Mr. Alcoba has worked with many independent and corporate inventors over the past 21 years. In addition, he has filed patent applications in many arts.

Having worked with independent inventors, Mr. Alcoba realizes that often some independent inventors have a difficult time describing or drawing their inventions and therefore he has a team of drafters and engineers that help him present the inventor’s invention to the US Patent Office. He strongly believes that his experience allows him to help independent inventors understand the things they may or may not know.

Our Firm believes that prior to meeting with a patent attorney you should have an understanding of the patent process. For that reason, we are providing basic information and videos to help you better understand the patenting process.

We believe that the better you are versed in the patent process, the better you will be able to relay your information to our patent lawyers, thereby allowing them to best present your patent application before the US Patent Office.

Note, we strongly suggest you conduct a preliminary patent search prior to filing a patent application, for it will allow you to see what has already been patented and what makes your invention novel. If there is nothing that makes your patent different from what has been patented, then we suggest that you do not file a patent application, for ONLY inventions that are novel and non-obvious can be patented.

We prepare patent applications, freedom to operate opinions, patent availability opinions, licensing agreements, work-for-hire agreements, distribution agreements, and other patent related services.