Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Our commercial litigation lawyers can help you find a fair and just resolution of a disputed matter that you may have with another party. Our litigation lawyers believe that it is always important to assist our clients with examining the strengths and weaknesses of their case prior to starting a lawsuit or contacting the other side with a settlement offer. Often, our clients fail to fully consider the strengths and weaknesses of their case before initiating an action. The failure causes our clients to experience hardships. For this reason, our litigation lawyers strongly advise you to carefully consider your position with regards to a dispute prior to attempting to resolve the dispute with a third party.

Our attorneys use civil litigation to resolve all sorts of conflicts such as contract disputes, loan defaults, intellectual property issues and commercial disputes. We believe that you should receive the advice and guidance of a litigator who has experience with all aspects of civil litigation. Our litigation attorneys can prepare and file a lawsuit on your behalf while continuing to try to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. If we cannot negotiate a settlement, then our lawyers can assist you in developing a strategy, by representing you in court and advocating on your behalf. In the same manner, we can help defend lawsuits that are filed against you or your company.

Alcoba Law brings more than 20 years of combined legal experience to the table. Whether the issue is a contractual, sales or business matter or any other dispute over money, our Florida based attorneys are ready to fight for you. Our extensive litigation experience has provided us with the knowledge necessary to provide you or your company with excellent legal services while always trying to keep you costs to a minimum. We do this by providing you with smart lawyering and an efficient work product. We zealously represent our clients in state and federal courts.

Our Miami litigation attorneys are providing the information below to help guide you through the steps involved with resolving a dispute with another party. First, we discuss the steps that should be taken prior to filing a lawsuit. Then, we discuss the lawsuit. Finally, we discuss the collection process.