Our Florida litigation lawyers are all licensed to practice law in the state of Florida and all practice Florida business law from Miami-Dade County, Florida. Our Florida Intellectual Property Attorneys represents clients with patent, trademark, copyright and business law matters. Our lead attorney, Ruben Alcoba, is a registered patent attorney and has over 21 years experience. Ms. Juliet Alcoba is a trademark and copyright attorney. Both attorneys have handled hundreds of intellectual property matters.

Meet Our Team

Ruben Alcoba

Mr. Ruben Alcoba has obtained an advanced legal degree in International Taxation and Financial Services (LLM) from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, so our Firm is qualified in advising our clients in the best form of entity that they can choose to run their business and the advantages and disadvantages that each business entity shall have when doing business in the United States of America.

Ms. Juliet Alcoba is a Florida Trademark attorney that can ensure that your company chooses a name and a brand that will not infringe on the rights of others. By doing this, she can allow your company to focus on the aspects of generating profits rather than worrying that your company will infringe the rights of others.

Henrique Valerio
Mr. Henrique Valerio is a Brazilian lawyer with experience advising Brazilian and foreign nationals on corporate law and intellectual property in Latin America. He provides international business support services to the firm’s clients. Mr. Valerio received a law degree from Luthern University of Brazil in 2003. Mr. Valerio is not licensed to practice law in the State of Florida or in any other jurisdiction in the United States.

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